Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Madness

I don't like football. American football, that is. I usually groan and flee from the room when Damm or one of his many relatives turns on a game. I do, however, enjoy watching the Superbowl. Interestingly enough, his family doesn't like professional football. They like college football. College dudes aren't getting paid. How is that real? How does that make it better? I dunno. Anyway. I was extremely sad that there weren't any parties to go to when lo and behold Audrey reveals that they're going over to this couple's house, would we like to come?

So we get there at 4:10. Kickoff is at 4:19 our time. Damm can testify that I was champing at the bit just a wee bit. I hate missing the start of things. And when we get inside to where the big t.v. is, guess what is on? Pre-game madness? Commentators talking fluff? Nope. There is a tennis match on. Finally someone comments that a Superbowl party should have the Superbowl on and a lively discussion ensues about what channel it's on. (I thought the entire thing was absolutely hilarious and the family hosting the event were incredibly nice and sweet. I was taken a teensy bit aback at first, however.)

We cheered for Arizona?? (starts with an A? Wearing red, I know that), of course. The underdogs. Really thought they were gonna get it. Dangnab the Steeler who caught that last TD and remembered to keep his toes inside the line. It was beautiful, I must admit, but still we were disappointed. But there is next year. Not that I'll be eagerly aniticipating the start of the season. I don't like football, remember? But I'll be at a party next year, eagerly cheering on the team I picked once Damm enlightened me as to who was playing.


Doodle said...

lol Fixed before I could make a comment about "Atlanta". ^_^

James said...

hehe....nice quick catch there wulfa. Also, if you ask certain people, they would say that the college players are getting paid...but that's them being glass half empty.

Anonymous said...

I took Monday off to watch the only gridiron game shown on free-to-air tv in Aus. Barracking for the underdogs, too (didn't hurt that they've got an Aussie punter). Such a great up and down game. "Missed by 'that' much".