Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Orclette lurves me

Our schedule has been worked and ironed out. We are no longer spending huge chunks of time at the in-laws house but spending it quietly at our own, like I prefer. There is a problem in paradise, however. The Orclette lurves me.

Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem. But you try doing homework when there is a little person trying to get into your lap and tugging on your arm. And when that doesn't get your attention she will start getting noisier. If that doesn't work full-out crying ensues. Occasionally she does get the hint that mommy wants to be left alone but that has been a rare occurrence. So I have had tons of time but almost zero homework has been done. Bah humbug.

On the bright side I really don't have a whole lot of homework to do. I took Spanish in highschool and while I don't remember all of it I remember enough that the class is not super-difficult, which is good because it's the class getting the short end of the stick. Roots of Modern Europe covers material I have gone over in class and in reading for fun. East Asia I've never taken before but the teacher is excellent and I don't feel as if I'm falling behind. I have some sort of mini-English thing starting in March. Rhetoric of Autobiography I think. It was a class I had to have (not that particular one but in that series of class). We'll see how that one goes.

Sad news: we've decided to take Bambi back to the shelter from whence she came. They don't put any animal down and she's still young enough to be adopted again. I just don't have ANY time to train her and I will have even less when #2 arrives and Damm leaves for 6 months. I really hate the idea of giving her back when we assumed responsibility for her but we are not giving her the kind of love and attention that she really needs.

Happy news: With no dog to worry about we can move into these really nice and posh apartments that we had looked at. After our 1-year lease on this place is up, of course. Oh I didn't tell you: our bedroom door came off its hinge. Nice big hole now. I think I did it by opening it. I love the space, I love the price, I love that we're away from parents, and I will happily and cheerfully live here for 1 year. Just once that year is up I'm thinking I want to move.

Pregnancy news: My work pants are falling off of me. My jeans are too big. I thought I was supposed to be gaining weight at this point (3 months). And I AM starting to get the pregnancy stomach although you can't really tell yet. One of these days we'll get ourselves to a doctor. It's on the agenda. I just have no time. And a previous intense dislike of doctors. I only really want to go so I can get an ultrasound. I do not believe in waiting until the child is born to find out the gender. AND I will be buying gender-specific clothing since it REALLY distresses both grandmas when their little darling gets called a boy (I'm speaking of the Orclette). Best to find out early so they can start buying cute little clothing.

We must run, I am now imposing on Damm's schedule (it's nice that he's more schedule-oriented now but he's getting all sargeant-ish on me).

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joe said...

You have no right to use bah humbug!