Friday, September 9, 2011

Life After Percocet.

I did not throw the percocet pills away. The pain did not go away, and seemed to be getting worse. Then I looked and saw what appeared to be white bone. In a panic that I had dry socket (a very painful condition) Damm called the surgeon's office. The surgeon himself called back within five minutes (I still need to write him a thank you letter) and concluded that I did NOT have dry socket but that I needed to be taking the percocet so I had some periods of time without pain. I thought about it, it made sense, so I started amping up ALL my painkillers. Now I'm off of them and the pain is gone. I guess sometimes doctor's know what they're talking about. Although the first two days off percocet were AWFUL. I don't even want to imagine what people who have been on it for longer than two weeks have to go through.

In addition I am glad to report that we are fully moved in. Not fully unpacked, just fully moved over from our old house. We turned in the keys yesterday and apologized for not getting to the painting of the walls. She (the office lady) looked at me funny when I said that. Maybe she thought I was trying to get out of paying for it? Which is ridiculous, we (Damm and I) both knew it would come out of our deposit. But this time we really were trying to do it right, the way we had been taught by our parents: do everything as unto the Lord. And that's not a guilt trip or an impossible standard; we truly wanted to be the best tenants possible. ANYWAY. That's a rabbit trail. Although I had spent a lot of time thinking about some previous moves where we had not cleaned, not taken everything out of the apartment. We knew our deposit would be docked because of it so legally we were fine, but again that's not how we were taught to do things. So that's why I went down that particular rabbit trail. To talk it out of my system.

Damm has taken pictures of the new place. Once he sends them to me I'll post them here. I really like it and I REALLY like how my stuff has been transformed. In the old house our furniture looked like college furniture; here it looks newer and more sophisticated. I'm guessing that's because of the different kind of paint and also the lighting. Plus everything here looks new. I feel like I can really entertain now; I'm not worried about the old and drab contents of my house. I shouldn't have been worried about that in the first place, my friends were coming over because they valued my company, not my possessions, but it still distressed me. Although I think I had finally come to a place where I was content with our old house, our stuff, and wasn't driven to constantly improve things. It's a good place to be; even our new house in all its glory cannot compete with many neighborhoods in this city. And I don't want to always be disliking where I am and wishing I was someplace better. I think that kind of striving has its place but there is also something to be said with being content. Anyway. I am off on another rabbit trail.

So school is going ok. Both of us feel like we're winging it right now because we've been moving, setting up our new house, etc. The Orclette LOVES preschool. I am homeschooling her with the aid of my mother-in-law, who does the more hands-on projects because workbooks drive her nuts. I happen to like workbooks so it's worked out well. The Miniorc learned about the letter "y" and was able to point it out to his daddy and point out the yo-yo that he scribbled on. Speaking of the Miniorc, my household is about to come alive with yells for "mama! I'm awake now!" so I better go. Hope my ruminating wasn't too boring, pictures soon.

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