Saturday, September 18, 2010

And that same cold can ...

Absolutely train-wreck your workout plan.

Monday I made it to spinning, Tuesday I went running, but by Wednesday the game was up and I was sick. I spent the evening watching Gilmore Girls. I think I already said that. Thursday I didn't feel recovered enough to do anything. Friday I went running and did my pushups/situps/squats (that being my strength routine at the moment) and today at some point I will run 3 miles. Gotta start going a bit longer than my usual 2 miles-my dad called me up and said "You wanted to do that Bataan run right?" Yes, yes I did. Not the full marathon, not yet anyway. I've been told there's a pit of sand that can make strong men and women break down and cry. We're going to tackle the 15-miler. So I have til next March to slowly increase my distance ... not too bad.

Diet-wise I have accomplished something akin to a major breakthrough. Ready?

I have given up my morning chocolate.

On the surface that might not seem like a huge deal, but for the past 3 years chocolate and I have had an appointment upon waking that had to be met. It started when the Orclette was born and I was HUNGRY all the time and my mom bought me these biscotti. I started having one with my coffee. That morphed into chocolate, and there you go.

But I'm trying to cut down on sugar for Damm's sake. If it's not there he doesn't have a problem not thinking about it, but if he sees me eating chocolate, his resistance falters. It's also for me ... I've been counting calories and for a couple of weeks there 200-300 calories/day were coming from some form of sugar. That's just too high too maintain. And it made my once a week indulgence meals not really an indulgence but a continuation of the week's eating habit.

So I have cut out sugar during the week. Not just morning chocolate-we finally made it through the big bag of m&m's I had and I haven't bought a new one, so no more tablespoons of that after lunch and dinner. My caloric intake is about the same, though. It is easier to cut out 200 calories or so now ... I've been trying to keep to 2600 calories a couple days/week. Why? Because I have difficulty accepting that I don't need to lose weight. It's that attitude of always go forward, never lose momentum! Which is good in a lot of respects, but not necessarily in the diet arena. I have been trying to channel that impulse into my fitness regime-hence the Spinning classes-but it still leaks out.

My workout wisdom for the day, although it's not precisely workout-related ... If you need to lose weight, fine. Incorporate the steps need to lose weight into your routine (i.e. working out, cutting out soda, etc.) but then stop thinking about it. You are beautiful right now, in this moment. Accept that, and go ahead (if you can afford it) and buy clothes that actually fit you. Throw out the clothes that don't (again, if you can afford to do that ... I had to hold on to my "skinny" clothes and I just now can fit into all of them). Too much of our time and mental energy is put into a subject that doesn't rate it. Too much of our self-esteem (I'm speaking primarily to women here, although it applies to guys as well) is wrapped up into our dress size. Why exactly do we need to look like the stars? Most of them look like they're starving ... and many admit that they go to extreme lengths to keep themselves that thin. I realize that is the accepted standard of beauty, but it doesn't need to be.

Ok, Wulfa-rant off. It just saddens me when beautiful women like my Spinning instructor-who has gorgeous curves-start dissecting themselves and coming up with plans to lose the weight.

Bah. Rant is truly over.

Wulfa over and out.


Tammy James said...

Do you know that your blog posts are being reproduced at another blog? Do they have your permission to be copying your posts?

Dammerung said...

Hmmm? Who what where?

Carrie said...

That last bit is so true. Last week I dragged Clueless and the VCR out into the sunshine, and I found myself looking at Alicia Silverstone and wondering why she looked so heavy. When that movie first came out, she seemed so thin!

It doesn't seem right. :(