Monday, August 30, 2010

It started innocently enough.

First we see the yum.

Then we neatly start eating the yum.

Then we go crazy.

Isn't it yum?


bobreaze said...

so messy yet so fun to watch. BTW your work out and food intake = insane. I manage to walk 1 mile a day if im lucky which makes me feel good. Its a good thing i inhereted my dads high metabolism because my seditary life style should turn me into a fat butt.

Wulfa said...

@ bobreaze: I've wondered if I would've been athletic if I'd had a high metabolism. But I don't have one, and have to run in order to eat chocolate:)

bobreaze said...

back in HS i was good at soccer, and rand 5 miles a day when training for cross country. I was athletic till i got to busy to play sports.