Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A long overdue update.

So today I ran 5 laps on a standard track without stopping a first for me and something I did not think I could do yet. I was highly encouraged by a fellow student who paced me and kept me talking(aka gasping) instead of focusing on the run.

I'm possibly going to pass the pushup section of our test physical. I'm unlikely to pass the running or situp section. I am CERTAIN I am going to pass the final one at the end of the semester before I go to basic. I'm extremely glad now that I have this semester to get in shape before I have to ship out. I was -not- ready.

The ROTC workout is significantly harder than what I had been trying to do. I'm usually wiped at the end barely able to breathe. But improving a lot.

ROTC itself has been a pleasant surprise. The level of interaction with other cadets is much higher than I expected I guess. I certainly wasn't expecting everyone to be as friendly as they have been.

We get the interwebs on friday. Yay. Then our posting should be much more regular and if school, cadet, orclette, wife stuff are handled I may start playing again yay.

Read Neuromancer for the first time a couple days ago. I had never known how similair this book was to the flavor I enjoy in Shadowrun. Extremely good. Warning: Explores a lot of sexual and drug related themes. Oh and violence but I'm a proper american... violence is perfectly okay in anyform but procreation is scary bad :P.

Well, I think that is everything. Hi interwebs... hope you haven't forgotten me :P


Kelmar said...



I've played Shadowrun a whole lots...

Too bad you live waaaay out there!

Grats on the training. I am thinking of taking up running for 6months to let my elbows heal up more since the left one is now hurting.

Any recs?

Shrinn said...

Yay Dammy! I miss you guys. Let The Wulf Ness know that I'll probably email her!

YAY! for getting in the armed forces kind of shape! Wow! Better you then me my friend! teehee!