Monday, January 12, 2009


Today we might move. I say might because we have yet to hear back from the apartment compex. They were a bit leary about neither of us had a job but were full-time students. We offered to pay 6 months at a time and that seemed to make them happier. It also depends on our student loans being refunded-they charged both Damm and myself out-of-state prices. Damm shouldn't have been charged in the first place, and the fact that he's now military means I should be in-state as well. We have to go the admin. offices today to straighten this all out. Hopefully we will speak with someone knowledgeable-the first time we were sent out with a waiver his commanding officer had to sign. He glanced at it, said he'd never seen it before and that Damm's enlistment papers should be enough. Here's hoping.

So once we get all that straightened out and we have student loans in hand we will need to head over to the apartments. Assuming they're happy we'll start the process of moving in and calling electricity and all that good stuff. We are getting internet, but I'm not sure when that will happen. We'll be absent for a few days probably, but honestly, how is that different from our recent behavior :D ? After all that we still need to get books. I need to go over my route between classes. I need to actually drive between school, our apartment, and Damm's parents house. I've driven once in Las Cruces-our mirrors our busted and I don't like driving with our hot pink fix (hot pink duct tape, makes it really easy to spot our van). Fun bit is I have to buy notebooks and paper. Nothing is funner than buying school supplies.

I was itching to get on and play this morning but we have to be focused and serious today. Even if we don't get our apartment we have to clean up where we live. We are the world's biggest slobs. I know it's due to me feeling like crap, working on top of that, and only being able to collapse in a chair once the day was done. Damm never adjusted to a cleaning schedule and besides, he was taking care of me, so he never got anything done either. But still. I should take pictures but I'm not sure where my camera is. That is not indicative of the state of cleanliness we live in, I just can't remember where I saw it last.

Lately I've been watching NCIS with Damm's dad. Everyone else watches as well but we're the ones who turn on the t.v. to see if it's actually on. It's actually the perfect way for me to bond with his dad (he doesn't talk much) and I am thrilled that I discovered it. We have expanded to include Burn Notice, season 1. It's fun so far, though I have yet to see gun-happy Fiona actually fire a gun. I've also been reading quite a bit. Most of it is re-reading old series and new books by authors I already knew I liked. I did crack open a Louis L'Amour book though. Damm's father and all 4 boys love that author. I figured I should read at least one. And now I have. Hehe. It wasn't too bad-actually very similar to a few other westerns I've read. And very soonish I shall be putting my books away and not opening them til the summer. With 4 classes, a small child, and a husband taking more hours than meself I just don't think I'll have the time.

Speaking of time ... I plan on keeping my wow account. I won't be able to play anywhere near as much as I did in Missouri but it would be just too sad not to be able to log on for an hour here or there. Damm is contemplating suspending his-he really wants a 4.0 GPA and in the past video games have derailed him. We'll see though-it might become a weekend thing. And once school is over I've gotten my mother-in-law's aggreement to watch my child twice a month so I can do runs with my guild. Once I reach 80, of course. And assuming we do 10-man's by that time. Once #2 is born all bets are off until we find out what kind of kiddo it will be. The Orclette was loud from the moment of birth and has never stopped. I think a quiet kid would be nice. We'll see.

And I have delayed long enough. Our long, tiring day is about to begin.


Softi said...

"Nothing is funner than buying school supplies." - sooo true! I love it!

Hope you get the apartment you were looking at. :)

Ruune said...

Hope you get the apartment and get the loans sorted out. Haven't managed to connect with you ingame for ages so I am glad you are planning to keep your account. We will miss Susan though.

FoxyByrd said...

Good luck with the move, school starts Wednesday for myself, still haven't received any grant money to buy books with so had to sign up for a school book loan ugh... >.< Anways, good luck and keep us all posted.